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Sandwich panel is a revolutionary development in the field of architecture, making breakthroughs in environmental protection, architectural design, price and engineering efficiency.

Cold room panel adopts polyurethane rigid foam as the core material for heat insulation. It is a product with low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. Through the closed bubble formed in the forming process of pore structure, can effectively block the water vapor permeability, bibulous rate is extremely low, thus exerting excellent insulation performance.

Cold room is widely used in food industry, medical industry, and other related industry In food industry, cold room is usually used in food process factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable warehouse, supermarket, hotel, restaurant, etc In medical industry, cold room is usually used in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, blood center, gene center, etc Other related industry, such as chemical factory, laboratory, logistics center also use cold room.

Advantages of cold room panel :

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance

  • Good fire resistance

  • Durable plate

  • Easy and fast installation

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