REF is one of the subsidiary company of Kendy Group. It has been committed to the energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement in the refrigeration chain industry for over 10 years, and support from main refrigeration manufactures all over the word.  Also, it has been supplied the LED lights and drivers of more than 5000000 commercial freezers to our customers. 

REF has the ambition to build a new standard and rule in the refrigeration chain industry ranging from LED lighting, LED driver and intelligent control, etc.​

REF keeps exploring quick disinfection and sterilization, easy and portable, environmentally friendly solution to creat healthy life for people – Just UVC-LED.

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In next 10 years, REF takes the responsibility to reduce energy dissipation and avoid environment pollution through improving lighting system in refrigeration industry.

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REF have reserved proven technology in intelligent control area to help our customers save more energy.

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