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Truck side light


  • high strength PC shell

  • solar power

  • waterproof

  • easy installation

  • no wire connection

Vibration and light sensing dual sensors, working automatically according to different environments.

Solar road stud

Solar road studs are flashing solar cell powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices used in road construction to delineate road edges and centrelines. Embedded in the road surface, they are an electronic improvement on the traditional cat's eyes in that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices. The intense brightness of the LEDs makes them easily visible at distances of about 900 m under favourable conditions.

Averaging about 100 mm square or 100 mm diameter and about 40 mm thick, units are extremely robust to avoid damage by passing vehicles, and are normally constructed of engineering plastics and polycarbonates. Use of solar road studs reduces the necessity of headlight main beams and the accompanying hazard of dazzling oncoming drivers. They are also more visible in rain and fog conditions where the old type retroreflectors and road markings are problematic. The solar cells charge batteries or capacitors during sunlit hours, over which period the flashing LEDs are turned off by a photoswitch.

Aviation Obstruction Light


Product Introduction

This LED Low-intensity Solar-Powered Aviation Obstruction light is adopting insert high efficient solar panels integrated design, cooperate with solar dedicated lithium ion battery as power supply.

There are two lamps on two arms, one is main lamp, another is standay. When main lamp fail, standby light turn on automatically.


  • LS/T solar low-intensity light is specialized used on the top of the High Chimney, Telecommunication tower, Wind Turbine where there is no cable power supply and those facilities which have high requirements on lightning protection.  

  • Used alone on the top of obstacle which height is less than 45meter

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