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UVC Sterilization--- What is UVC light ?

Ultraviolet light is a kind of light wave invisible to the naked eye and exists on the outer side of the ultraviolet end of the spectrum, so it is called ultraviolet, it is a kind of light wave, according to different wavelength ranges, according to the wavelength, ultraviolet (Ultra Violet, UV) light is usually divided into UVA (315nm-400nm), UVB (280nm-315nm), UVC (100nm- 280nm).


UVC wavelength 100 to 275nm, also known as short-wave sterilization UVC. It is very close to the peak wavelength (265nm) of the sterilization efficiency curve, so when 253.7nm radiation reaches a certain value, it can kill germs such as intestinal pathogens, Aspergillus flavus and HBsAg (hepatitis B surface antigen) in a relatively short period of time. Germicidal UVC lamps emit UVC short-wave ultraviolet light.

UVB wavelength 280 to 315nm, also known as medium-wave erythema effect ultraviolet light, mainly used in health, aging test, spectral analysis, UVB ultraviolet light on the human body with erythema effect, can promote the body's mineral metabolism and vitamin D formation, but long-term or excessive exposure will make the appearance of tanning, and cause redness and peeling. Exterior disease phototherapy tube, UVB keep healthy lamp, plant growth lamp issued is the use of special translucent purple glass (not through the light below 254nm) and the peak near 300nm phosphor made.


UVA wavelength 315 to 400nm, its central value in 365nm, commonly used in industrial glue curing, tungsten ore identification, fluorescence detection, biological polymerization, oil detection, ore exploration, criminal detective, textile industry, archaeology, health, stage, nightclubs, theaters and signal lighting.  

UVC Sterilization--- What can UVC do to the viruses?

According to the definitive report on the germicidal and effective effects of UVC light, UVC light effectively and safely inactivates airborne viruses, including the now prevalent human coronavirus.


UVC Sterilization--- How do UVC devices work ?

UVC radiation flux calculation method:
Germicidal effect of germicidal UVC depends on the intensity of light (illumination) and the accumulation of light exposure time (cumulative light or UV exposure) that is: radiation flux = irradiance * exposure time.


 Effective Dose

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UVC disinfect the bacterias:

The UVC energy penetrates outer layers of a cell and is absorbed in the DNA or RNA, damaging nucleic acids. Once nucleotides are fused, a microorganism is inactivated by losing its ability to reproduce and infect. This entire process happens within seconds of adequate UVC exposure.


Simple-structure organisms like viruses and bacteria are the most vulnerable to ultraviolet light, whether they are airborne or on a surface.

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UVC Sterilization--- How UVC effect for disinfection?

We have conducted relevant pilot tests to prove the germicidal effect of our KENDY UVC-LED lighting products.

KENDY UVC-LED lighting germicidal effect testing process is as follows:

细菌培植器件 -裁剪.jpg

 Preparation of two bacterial test plates with front and back sides


 Use KENDY UVC-LED lighting to disinfect the place


 Sampling of bacteria before sterilized with using the front and back of the bacterial test plate


 Sampling of bacteria after sterilized with using the front and back of the bacterial test plate

 The two test pieces were placed at room temperature (25°C) for cultivation of bacteria - front side

细菌培植02-温度 说明.jpg

 Bacteria test piece after 24 hours of bacterial cultivation

 The two test pieces were placed at room temperature (25°C) for cultivation of bacteria - back side

细菌培植02-温度 说明.jpg
细菌培植03 48小时后-说明.jpg

 Bacteria test piece after 48 hours of bacterial cultivation

细菌培植02-温度 说明.jpg

  Bacteria test piece after 72 hours of bacterial cultivation

细菌培植05 72小时后-说明.jpg
细菌培植02-温度 说明.jpg

 Bacteria test piece after 140 hours of bacterial cultivation

细菌培植07 140小时后-说明.jpg

Through the above test can be observed, bacteria test plates in the absence of KENDY UVC-LED lighting irradiation, with the increase of time, bacteria multiply more and more, colonies reached the maximum after 140 hours; but after the KENDY UVC-LED lighting irradiation of the bacteria test plates remain the same as their initial state, no bacterial colonies.


This proves that Kendi UVC-LED lighting products can effectively kill these bacteria and viruses, and have achieved good sterilization effects.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

UVC Sterilization--- What are the characteristics of UVC ?

* Highly effective germicidal properties - UVC light from deep UV-LEDs can kill bacteria and viruses in a few seconds or less.

* Wide range of germicidal properties - Since bacteria, virus antigens and other microorganisms are not resistant to UV light, deep UV light can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

* Clean, environmentally friendly, safe - Deep UV LED devices are a safe and reliable device that does not contain heavy metals, easy to operate, safe and reliable operation.

* Energy saving, long life, low maintenance cost - deep UV LED power consumption is low, very energy efficient, deep UV LED power is about one tenth of the mercury lamp, this ratio greatly saves costs.

* Small size, flexible design, easy installation - deep UVC LED devices, small size, its germicidal device design flexibility, can be applied in the traditional UV mercury lamp can not be applied to small spaces.

* UVC is harmful to humans. Do not look directly at or irradiate the skin.

Also, please pay attention to the leakage and reflected light of UVC when using it.


UVC Sterilization--- Where are UVC-LED products used ?

With its many advantages, UVC-LED products are gradually recognized in the market and are increasingly active around people, such as have been initially applied to water treatment, air sterilization, food preservation and other fields. For example: water purifiers, refrigerators, sterilization boxes, vending machines, etc.

We believe that UVC-LEDs light will be applied to more fields and involved in every aspect of people's life.


Believe in KENDY, choose KENDY's UVC-LED and have a healthy life. 

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