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Solar pumping system is the ideal solution for you to solve problems of water supply, extraction and pumping even in remote places.


Solar pumping system

Solar pumping system are today the most attractive water supply for sun-rich areas of the world, especially for remote areas without electricity. Using the inexhaustible solar energy that is available everywhere, the system is fully automated and operates from sunrise to sunset without the need for human supervision. The maintenance workload can be minimized and it is an ideal green energy system that combines economy, reliability and environmental benefits as one.

The solar pumping system fulfills concept of low carbon, energy conservation, environmental protectionto improve the living standard in water-deficient area.


Advantages of Solar pumping system

  • Reliable solution for agricultural irrigation, daily water, desert control in non-electricity and water deficient area.

  • Reliable: PV power supply rarely uses moving parts, working reliably.

  • IP65 for outdoors application.

  • Safety, no noise, no other public harm. It does not produce any solid, liquid and gas harmful substances, absolutely environmental protection.

  • Simple installation and maintenance, low operating costs, suitable for unattended, etc.

  • Especially for its high reliability and attention.

  • Good compatibility, photovoltaic power generation can be used in conjunction with other energy sources, and can also be used to increase the capacity of the PV system conveniently.

  • High degree of standardization, which can be connected in series and parallel by modules to meet different needs of electricity consumption, with strong versatility.

  • Solar energy can be found everywhere, with a wide range of applications.


Application of Solar pumping system

  • Daily water using

  • Agricultrual irrigation (drop irrigation, srinkling irrigation, flood irrigation)

  • Forestry irrigation

  • Desert control

  • Pasture animal husbandry

  • Rural town and village water supply

  • Desalinization of sea water

  • Scenic fountain etc.

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