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Living Your Mobile Life With Solar Energy

If you enjoy camping by your Caravan, Kendy provide Solar Kit for your RV which allow you to camp anywhere with reliable power. It’s an excellent way to keep your caravans batteries charged and a quality solar system installed into your Caravan or Recreational Vehicle will last for 20 years or more & require hardly any maintenance.


Living Your Mobile Life With Solar Energy

Worrying about the Working Time of your trucks lift gate or the Service Life of its battery? With Kendys Solution, you can get


  • increased run time

  • reduced idling

  • increased battery life

  • reduced downtime and maintenance

  • reduced spoilage of perishable products

  • improved customer satisfaction



Living Your Mobile Life With Solar Energy

Keeping fresh goods refrigerated during transport is important for food safety, but it requires a lot of energy and creates pollution. Refrigerated, or reefer trucks, have two Diesel engines. One is part of the drivetrain, and the other keeps the trailer cold.

With same Diesel Consumption, the fresh food can reach to further places thanks to the power provided by Kendys Solar Energy System.

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