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Solar Parking Canopies

Solar canopies are an increasingly popular way to take advantage of parking and invest in solar power.

Steel Solar Parking Canopies

Steel is a tensile material, it has a high strength to weight ratio which means it has high strength per unit mass. So no matter how large the overall structure is, the steel sections will be small and light, unlike other building materials.

Steel can be easily fabricated and produced massively. Steel sections can be produced off-site at shop floors and then assembled onsite. This saves time and increases the efficiency of the overall construction process.

Structural steel is very flexible. You can mold it into any shape, without changing its properties. You can convert it into sheets or turn it into wires as per the design.

Structural steel is relatively cheap compared to other building materials.

It is very durable. The strstructures can withstand external pressures such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, and cyclones. A well-built steel structure can last up to 30 years if maintained well.

Aluminum Solar Parking Canopies

Aluminium is a material that weighs less than many other metals such as steel, copper, iron and brass. This makes it easier to handle on site.

Aluminium is a strong metal and becomes even stronger when cold, making it particularly ideal for outdoor use.

Aluminium will not rot or rust, it naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Protective coatings are not essential, however aluminium can be powder coated in a color of your choice for aesthetics.

Aluminium has reflective properties and can therefore shield areas from light, radio waves, and infrared radiation.

Aluminium is nonflammable, it is fully fire resistant, even at extremely high temperatures. Aluminium can be recycled over & over again without losing any of its benefits.

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