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REF intelligent control module

---More efficient and better performance of the freezer system solution:

In addition to REF cooling lighting technology creates a good shopping visual experience. In fact, it is critical that beverages or similar products are always in the best taste temperature during the sales show, which means that the refrigeration equipment needs to have the ability to quickly cool the product.
At present, the emergence of new energy-saving technologies (inverter compressors, hydrocarbon refrigerants, EC variable speed fan motors, and LED efficient lighting) newly applied on the freezer makes performance improvement and energy saving no longer a contradiction.
How to achieve?
REF is based on the understanding of the field of refrigeration, REF has developed a new generation of intelligent control modules:
Based on the environmental variable data (time period, temperature, humidity, number of door opening, etc.) of the refrigeration equipment collected by the preset sensor, the intelligent control module centralizes the processing and coordinates the control of the compressor, EC motor, LED lighting and other equipment to operate at the most efficient Interval
1- The compressor is operating at optimum conditions for a specific period of time to ensure cooling performance and reduce energy consumption and noise;
2- At a certain temperature, the EC fan motor runs at optimum speed to ensure thermal balance;
3- In certain situations, the illumination is presented at a suitable brightness to create an attractive and comfortable visual experience;
Integrated wireless communication interface such as WIFI/2.4G/NFC allows data to achieve its maximum value.
Centralized power supply, DC/CC dual-mode output switching power supply ensures high efficiency, high PF value and high reliability;

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20190712 REF智能控制-主控电路板.jpg.png
  • Low starting current

  • Frequency conversion

  • Low noise

  • Green hydrocarbon refrigerant

  • DC12/24V input (optional 110/220V)

  • Adjustable speed

  • DC brushless operation, smooth low noise

  • Control based on I2C protocol

  • Modular design, function can be customized

  • Support Bluetooth / WIFI / NFC wireless transmission

  • Timing control

  • DC/CC option optional

  • High light efficiency / high index

  • Color temperature can be customized

  • DC/CC dual mode output

  • Efficiency ≥85% PF ≥90%

20190712 REF智能控制-电阻.jpg.png.jpg
20190712 REF智能控制-变频压缩机.jpg


Inverter compressor

EC DC motor

Master circuit board

Evaporator resistance

LED light fixture

Switching power supply

Solution components

REF intelligent control solution, through the selection of high-efficiency components, and through intelligent integrated control system, the average energy consumption can be reduced by 32% under the condition of ensuring performance matching requirements.

new user experience

Based on Bluetooth/WIFI/NFC wireless transmission protocol and management system:

Real time synoptic for cooler analysis and troubleshooting;

Fast and flexible system configuration;

The serial number (ID) of each major component of the refrigeration equipment is traced back;

Realize the collection and analysis of freezer marketing data around the world through cloud services.

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